Don't do it!

Excessive lubrication and an elaboration of a weight on a pendulum wall (Click to enlarge)..
Ponte bariletto

Our ancestors said: "Melius abundare quam deficere." But this time I think the guy (hard to call it a watchmaker) that has lubricated the barrel he had the ideas a bit 'confused'.
The barrel bridge:

Bariletto Rolex 3135 sopra

the barrel above:

Bariletto Rolex 3135


Bariletto Rolex 3135 aperto

and finally, the interior:
(Difficult to comment ...)

Peso pendola

In the wall clocks the sources for the supply of energy can be springs or weights. When there are the weights, in clocks also equipped with ringer (the most common are the clocks striking the hour and half), the weights are usually contained in two brass cylinders of equal size, like this, for example:

Pesi pendola

In clocks restorations the final step is to check the correct functioning of the time and ringing. But it may happen that the clock does not work, it stops or it does not work the ring, which does not behave as it should. In these cases, what you should do? We have to start over, removing and looking where the problem lies.
otherwise you can give a little help to make it all work...
(Needless to say more.)