Rolex Daytona, Gerald Genta

A Rolex Daytona model 6265. This watch is one of the most wanted by Rolex enthusiasts all over the World. It is hand wound, so not much practical to use, especially because of screwed crown which has to be opened daily for winding, but has excellent robustness and can be used in (almost!) every situation.
The movement is a well finished Valjoux which proved to be very reliable. This model is one of the last Rolex made before starting to sell the automatic version and has screw type chronograph pushers. The number you can see on the side of the case indicates the exact model, 6265. The case back indicates indeed 6262 but this is normal, since the back number refers to the series of watches of this kind, not exactly to this particular model.

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Rolex Daytona movement


Gerald Genta skeletonized ultra-thin automatic watch. The superlative quality of the work carried out by Gerald Genta on this movement is worth waiting for the very large images to download. No words can describe the elegance and technical skill that come with this watch.

Gerald Genta skeleton watch

Gerald Genta skeleton watch