What we do

What we do

Eberhard "Extrafort" chronograph movement. This kind of movement requires sometimes the complete reconstruction of damaged or worn parts since spares are no more available. We can make a good number of them or we can find them thanks to our specialized providers.
Eberhard Extrafort


Calendar Vacheron & Constantin wristwatch. Unusually, this watch movement directly drives the month's disc, typically moved by the owner at the end of every month. Great care has been used during repairing to preserve the high-grade original finish. Even if over 40 years old, the dial was in excellent conditions and obviously it was treated with maximum care to avoid any little scratch.

Vacheron & Constantin calendar watch - dial

Vacheron & Constantin calendar watch - movement


Sometimes (luckily!) customers bring to us watches in relatively good order, needing "only" periodical overhauling and cleaning. This Vacheron & Constantin Mercator is a typical example of excellent modern wristwatch. The dial is unusual but very elegant:

Vacheron & Constantin Mercator

The movement is a very well finished VC 1121caliber: (a Jaeger Le Coultre 920, used also in Audemars Piguet e Patek Philippe)

Frederic Piguet movement

Frederic Piguet moviment


The buckle of the crocodile strap representing the Vacheron et Constantin logo, the Maltese cross, is very remarkable too:

Vacheron et Constantin buckle